Take Control Of Your Life By Learning How To Disconnect And Get Back to Nature

Dear Success Seeker,

When was the last time you had some “me time”?

A time where you could truly be alone, quiet, disconnected, and in touch with your inner self.

How many times have you stood outside and felt the wind upon your face? Or gazed upon the sight of natural wonder so breathtaking that all you could do was to look upon it, trying to drink in every last detail?

For many people, the answer is zero!

According to HealthPartners.com, average screen time (phones, computers, etc…) is an unsettling 8.5 hours per day.

If you work a typical 8-hour shift for your employer, that means only 7.5 hours each day when you’re not staring at a digital screen…

… Factor in your sleep each night, which means many people spend literally their entire day engaged with an electronic display. It’s no wonder then that the average American spends less than 5 hours a week outside.

Unfortunately, these constantly connected habits have a dark side. They can be detrimental to our health: emotionally, mentally, and physically.

This means cutting your different connectivity cords from time to time and getting back to the natural world is an absolute necessity for you to live your best life.

But for many people, being connected to devices has become so ingrained in their day-to-day routine, that it will take some time and effort to do a proper digital detox.

If you are ready to make your health and wellbeing a priority…
And you are ready to disconnect, get back to nature and take back control of your life…

Then the following course is for you!


Disconnect & Get Back to Nature

“Disconnect & Get Back to Nature” is a video course that will show you the drawbacks of being relentlessly connected, and what you can do about it! You’ll discover what it means to disconnect. It’s easy to say, “Okay, I’ll go on a digital detox.” But what does that really mean? And is constant digital consumption the only connection you need to break from time to time? Perhaps you also need to pull back from the important personal relationships in your life?

We’ll answer all those questions and then reveal the many significant benefits of leading a less-connected life.

We’ll share with you what we call The Disconnection Correction. This is a system of practices that has allowed people like you to escape the dark side of connection addiction while still benefiting from the advantages that a connected society offers.

Here’s a quick overview of the key lessons shared in the “Disconnect & Get Back to Nature” course…

  • Why we are always connected and how this is harming us
  • What does it mean to truly disconnect and what are the benefits
  • The Disconnection Correction: Warning signs and 12 actions steps you can take right away
  • Why we no longer spend time in Nature
  • Why it’s so important to Disconnect with technology and Reconnect to the Natural World
  • How you can take the steps to Reconnect with Nature

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To provide you with more guidance and help on your journey, we’ll also include…

Unwind – Break Free from Stress, Worry and Overwhelm!

In “Unwind – Breaking Free From Stress, Worry And Overwhelm” you are going to learn the true power of focus and flow state. You will discover not only how to direct your attention to the things that matter most… but also how to turn this into a lifelong habit.

With the “Unwind” bonus course, we will uncover…

  • What it means to truly “unwind” and why it is so important to your health
  • The problem with “unwinding” and why we struggle to value downtime
  • How to finally break free from stress, worry and overwhelm

Click the order button below to tap into the power of disconnecting, getting back to nature and unwinding. Start reconnecting with yourself and with nature and take full control of your life today

Ben Poston
The Life Enlightened

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